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Thank you for choosing to contact us! My prayer is that God bless you with His desire in your life. We will contact you, shortly!

Prayer Requests

If there is anything you would like us to pray with, or for, you about, the box to the right is sufficient for privacy.  It is my desire to see you lifted up; joyful in the Lord.  I thank God for you making the decision to be who you are, and for consulting Him.  We need you, they need you.  We are of one body; we are here for one another!

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If you desire to advertise with us, the use of this contact box is also sufficient for inquiries.  I will respond in a timely manner.

Questions and Answers

If there are any questions that must be asked, you could also utilize the box.  FAQ is coming soon.

 All information submitted on this page is kept strictly confidential; between you (the submitter) and I (the receiver). If, at anytime, you feel threatened, please contact us immediately so the problem can be resolved.

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