A Reason To Pray For Strength

Posted by Corey Mills on Monday, August 19, 2013 Under: Personal Analysis (Group Posting Encouraged)
Somehow, when we are tired and running extremely low on energy, we are more prone to attacks of the mind.  Some of these attacks are due to lack of priority, or irresponsibility, such as not wanting to go to work because we stayed up too late and overextending ourselves to people too much; becoming delayed and fed up with the people to whom we overextend.

They did nothing we didn't do for them, or help them do.

Other things include adultery, masturbation (spilling it on the ground: see Genesis 38:9-10 and the study of "That Fluid"), and wicked imaginations. 

The real effect behind these events are lasting, and they leave an impression about associating people; even me.  This is one real reason why we pray for strength.

In : Personal Analysis (Group Posting Encouraged) 



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