A Smooth Internal Collapse

Posted by Corey Mills on Monday, September 3, 2018 Under: Daily Flow
Trying hard to succeed is normal for business-minded individuals. It is also true to those who true followers of Christ. If you have never experienced a true relationship with God; I mean literally being connected and knowing it, the relationship is actually possible. Effort and devotion is necessary for any relationship; this includes the relationship we have with God. 

For those of us who know that the relationship is real, the first time you really experienced the actual love from God was more than likely amazing. Nothing could rip you away from always wanting that connection. Let us go further.

What happens when we joke and knowingly cause slight discomfort toward recipients? What happens when we slightly do things that does not quite line up with what God does, says, or is all about? Can we expect to go on without spiritual correction, or do we continue pleasing crowds with things they want to see and hear? When God calls us unto wisdom, it is a one way call - no looking back.

What happens when we look back for so long that back become forward? Life continues forward but our mental states become confused and dependent upon old memories. Then we slide back so far that we lose sight of who we were and who we are now. Next, we try to get back to where we were, but now we are completely tainted by wickedness and recovery becomes extremely difficult.

Can we get back to who God called us to be, and how?

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