A Statement to Young Men

Posted by Corey Mills on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 Under: Daily Flow
Please, allow me to be honest with you. I am a fellow servant, nothing more.

I had many self-regrets. I had thrown away many years into nothing and prospered in no way. Many of the wages of my works do not belong to me; they are unfairly taken by people I don't know. All of this came from a massive attack of my enemy; a divorce - several years ago - that drew me to run away into isolation with a devastating feeling of betrayal from the people I associated with. Anxiety became a problem,  drinking became a way to resolve my feelings of hurt and loneliness. I was a stranger in a foreign land with no friends, no family, and no one to speak with. These events blinded me to biblical truths I would have been aware of otherwise.

Many of the things that Proverbs 5 warns of happened to me. I regretted so much that I wished there was a way for me to go back in time and change the outcome. 

My words to you: heed God's warnings, and trust in them the first time. Have someone to trust at all times.

(See Daily Verse)

Allow me to clarify: Pain is something that can blind anyone to the multiple truths surrounding you. Imagine this: One beautiful day you are enjoying the best stroll of your life. Then, your lower leg hits a metal bench at 20 mile an hour because you didn't see it, while enjoying your stroll. At that moment, all other factors of truth, peace, and enjoyment are completely gone. At that point you may think three to four things: 1). MY 2). LEG 3). HURTS 4). AHHH!!! (Jim Carrey style)… Zero focus to anything else, except wanting to Punch the Bench. (Ahhh!) 

So to explain, when you focus on your pain, you eventually realize life passes you by. And the many things you could have had by maintaining your focus are difficult to recapture or may be impossible. It is best to keep focus on the mark throughout our many experiences, and to share our experiences with those who can benefit from that experience.

Listen to 'Not A Cartridge' by Corey Mills (Released July 12, 2019)

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