All This Time

Posted by Corey Mills on Thursday, October 1, 2015 Under: Daily Flow
We see that God created something greater than we can imagine. Whatever we hope to achieve will not comprehend God, himself, nor His stored Kingdom.  Our minds can't simply conceive God's ideas, but they can be revealed to us. No; not by our way. No; not by our thoughts but the thoughts of a Grand King stored in us by His majestic power.  For whatever reason God reveals unto us, it is for His glory and for the rescue of His people.  We love God, through a connection we can't even see. We love God through a connection beyond belief, but the idea of reason/intellect dismantles pure connectivity by recorded facts that are insisted on being proven.  Yet, in our confusion, we are guided toward a place we can't see, toward a sound we can't hear. We are guided to a rescue of humanity from all of its flaws. Our salvation is restoration in the Life of God and made possible and proven through the life of Jesus Christ. He is our miracle. That connection to life were we inadvertently dwell. He is that hope that transpires for a short time. He is that restoration from degeneration. God is the Inevitable.

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