Are People Really Different

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Socializing with unfamiliar people becomes unordinary; awkward and weird, in the event of exploring the motives behind characters; not as in a movie, but as the character of a person.

People are normally concerned about their well-being.  However, in the case of communicating, we have learned to adapt to a method of safety.  In this method, we begin to shy away from those who seem unordinary, or not like you, and to attach to those who seem similar.  Our ideas help lead us in any direction.

Our imagination can conjure any subject and scenario that we implore.  It can extract differences and similarities.  The mind can help execute the most futile and explosive ideas yet. 

People usually generalize a person by using general logic and sequential steps to identify the types of persons around him or her.  As a result, any person who looks similar to a person that has been identified is judged by how he or she looks.  In return, a person is accused of being the personality of someone else. 

Are we the same as people? Yes! However, every individual is made unique; with a unique purpose.  A person is a part of people.  So to generalize a person as a part of people would be true; however, to generalize a person with a specific type of people based on his or her similarities in appearance and way of speech would be a faulty way of thought.

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