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Posted by Corey Mills on Thursday, September 22, 2016 Under: Daily Flow
To often, we see people making decisions that is not likely to be in order with biblical principles and righteous living. However, we do not know the thoughts of those people during their decision making process, and we rarely know their life experiences. Everyone has a worldview; a way of thought that directly influence how we perceive everything and make decisions. 

It is a known fact that we decided on different items and tasks each day. Yet, it is also a known fact that the majority of the world seeks pleasure and power over the things of God; and this can be for many different reasons. How would we react if we knew God was watching, and not just believe He is watching? What if we saw His face, every time we made a decision? Even when we can't readily see God's face, how do we feel when we make decisions?

To believe that a thought and a choice literally exist just as much as our bodies exist, can be a guide to helping us line up with God's word; the Bible and His Spirit of Righteousness. 

Things happen for a reason; to every cause there is an effect. Sometimes, we feel bad for making decisions. This can sometimes be an immediate disciplinary action as a result of that choice. More things may follow. There are also times where unexplained scenarios occur. Other times, we are offered help on how to conquer objectives we have been failing. In either instance mentioned above, help comes. 

How would we choose to react to that help, whether we immediately see it or not? The Lord wants us to acknowledge Him in all of our ways so that He can direct our steps.  Those steps are the choices we make, the decision process behind the choices we make; the inadvertent strength that comes from a righteous mind- God's mind.

Will you love discipline and knowledge? Obtain favor from The God of All.

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