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Every now and then two things happen: we distort our relationship with God, and it causes us to distort our relationships in life.  God knows everything. He's here now. He cause us to see ourselves as we are- imperfect, in that all sin and can sin without knowing, and perfect- souls created from His breaths of life and for His purpose. Let me clarify to you of relationships: God is not bound to the wisdom and ideology of men; He's God- "I am that I AM". God made people, and people produced other people with the help of God.  Now, the world is populated with people; so many as to seem that God made a specific husband for a wife, and the other way around.  Do you think it's true? He has purposes for everyone, and some of those people have a purpose of never even "knowing" a husband nor a wife. We seek love from our neighbors, family, friends, associates, and even Facebook. Where does God stand in our search? God wants to give you living waters and to heal you from your pain; all hurts and sorrows. For that part, I love you. I don't even know you, but here I am- pouring out my heart because I need you, and I need you to love me to.  God knows you, and He loves you more than I do.  In fact, He is the reason you have lived to experience life, and He's wanting you to be with Him. I am here for the same reason.  Come on, Brother.  Come on, Sister!  Let's go back to the Kingdom.  Also see: Daily Verse

God Wants to Heal You- Earnest Pugh

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