Did God Really Choose You

Posted by Corey Mills on Friday, August 17, 2018 Under: Daily Flow
From the beginning of time - as we learn - God created all things and chose humanity to rule over them. We were made more intelligent than all creation; God made us in His image.

While I was reading in the book of Numbers, chapter 12 was significantly important in identifying the answer to the question, "Did God Really Choose You?" I will not spoil the read, however, I will state that in the middle of doubt or other insecurities, God will always stand by His Word and by your side as you stand by Him. No one will change that - ever. 

When family, neighbors, employees, employers, or Joe Blow - who may have never met you a day in life on earth - speaks behind you, against you, or at you negatively with any doubt on who God called you to be - especially in cases of jealousy - God can control the circumstance without you having to say a word. 

Be yourself, Love God, and pray for your companions. God chose you and no one can stop that.

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