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We walk with discipline and structure, that only God knows, in our daily lives.  Livelihoods, grocery, and important rules and concepts seem to take over.  All too naturally, all of those different things become a single tradition: To work, to eat, and to abide by important rules.  Even as Christians, we are lured into this invisible force.  We even begin to teach ourselves the types of people we would like to be around, then begin disassociating ourselves with people who don't meet those ideal conditions. (LOL, lipsmack.) Because we would never believe this is what we do if it was never made plain for us to see.  By now, we have set so deep in our tradition that its hard to change our ways. Can you see that your comfort zone has constricted your ability to do the things God has called you to do.  Woooooooooooh, the enemy is smart; his tactics are soooo conning.  However, God is good, and He has not allowed in your life void experiences.  Now, we see that there is something to overcome.  By the grace of God, you are free!  Change.... Your direction.... From tradition.... To Holiness and the Righteousness of the Father- that you may not be lured and enticed by your own heart, which is deceitful, born in sin and obstructed from the way of truth.  I pray that the Father gives you a new heart filled with God's desires.  Be blessed, my brothers and sisters. God is calling you home. Amen

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