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The daily verse triggers a thought: What does Jesus mean when He says He came to bring division? The question roots in the mission for which Jesus came; to save us from the wages of sin. Getting lost in the verses immediately after verse fifty one could be expected because the results are mentioned. Today, we will discuss what he meant by the division.

Take a moment to read further; perhaps to the end of chapter 12. 

We see that Jesus mentioned that members of family within the house will be divided. Members outside the house will be divided. Here, we see the subject of the 'Prodigal Son'. We also see the subject of the 'Pharisee and the Tax Collector'. In addition to all this, we see the subject of Exodus 20 verse 2 and verse 12. The meaning will become clearer when we read through the subjects. So let us mention it, now.

When Jesus came, he came with a mission to save humanity from the payment of sin. He understands us and what happened so long ago; namely during the days of Adam and Eve. And His focus is to lead us back to God's path for us; everlasting life. His job was to exhibit the God's mysteries so that we can gain a focus on who God is and what He requires of us. Everything Jesus did pointed to God. Therefore, everything He taught was to remove the scales of deception from our eyes so that we would be able to hear from God, and connect with God on a spiritual level. 

If we read through the rest of chapter 12, we will find that - from the subject of the Prodigal Son - the son does not want to heed to the father's guidance and aims to create his own path. We see the subject of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector; the older believer thinks he or she is better than their children, and aims to control their lives by pointing fingers at small problems but can't see their own issues. Indeed one is seeking after God with an humble heart, and the other lives with a proud heart to think God has respect of person (see Numbers 23:19). 

If you the idea of division is not clear, yet, I will mention this: People exist in the world, and we are called to serve God. Sometimes, people attempt to twist Gods word to fit our desires, when the scripture is clearly taken out of context. We sometimes think that God is on our side, but not the next person's, when God does not have respect of person. We are all subject to God's Word, even if we don't believe. When others are aiming to get us to dishonor God in anything we do, Jesus tells us when we are in the way, discern these attempts with precise focus (see the start of Jesus Ministry) to see whether or not it is the will of God. Our enemy leads us to do things that are against God, and we are the ones who will receive the punishment; we are the ones to break God's law, if we choose to engage in the actions that God against what God wants for us. So be diligent in focusing on God's will. This is the thing that will cause division.

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