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Posted by Corey Mills on Saturday, November 1, 2014
We face a spiritual destruction everyday.  Embarking in the same things that we have fallen to, willingly returning to the places and sins that cause failure.  The LORD says "Return".  Come back.  Before you know it, the world will be cleansed from sin and wickedness.  You have more than signs, you have visions; you have sight of things to come.  The Light is at hand. Walk ye in the Light.  There is no time for righting wrongs.  There is only enough time for your salvation, right now. "Purge me, Jesus, with the Light of Salvation,  receive me, Lord, into Your fold. I am a wreckage, but now I'm yours.  I receive You, Holy Father, into my heart. Rest in Me, Jesus. I need YOu." In Jesus Name, Amen.  The Lord loves a willing heart. He is here to Reeem you.



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Corey Mills Thank you for joining in. My hope and prayer is that you will be encouraged as you read the messages of the Daily Verse and Daily Flow. I pray that God delivers each of us from evil, and that we all are strengthened by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for reading. Your Humble Servant, Corey Mills
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