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As children, we may have experienced great difficulties understanding what our parents understood. Some of these things include prioritizing necessary bills, mortgage, car notes and insurance, foods for the household, variable bills such as gas and entertainment for the household, and savings for future causes. As children, our main focus was education and fun! We never really had to be concerned about anything else; our parents had it under control. Some of us know that because we've always received money for snacks and field trips. 

As we grew older, we became wiser.  We understood more of the things our parents endured.  To illustrate, our parents sacrificed much so we could be happy, as children; they took care of us. We knew they had to work to pay bills, and the consistency of employment was necessary. We knew that a pair of Jordan's shoes were at least $100. We knew we needed clothes and a place to stay. 

Growing older, we became, yet, wiser. We saw that we had to sacrifice the same things our parents did for our children. The body stops functioning as it did when we were younger. The opportunity costs to save money for future causes and the security we have to give our children helps us make better decisions. Time places experience on us for the long haul.

Getting older, we find things such as cars, money, intercourse, and fame are irrelevant, and nothing leaves with us. We understand that all things belong to God, and we must follow His order.  This process can take place anytime in life, unlike the prior three which is only gained in time.  This process is one that Jesus wanted us to know about; the fact that our time is always ready to end. He wants to give us a new life, filled with the right stuff, and producing the godly fruit He desires us to produce. But this will never happen if we never focus.  It is imperative that we focus on God, and His task for your life will unfold. Foolishness will cease, immature decisions will decrease, fun may never end, but Life will always be present. Focus

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