Go, Please, Stay

Posted by Corey Mills on Saturday, August 10, 2019 Under: Daily Flow
Life happens.... for us all. It seems that we have rare control over most details among the lives we live. Yes; this fact includes our day-to-day engagements, our thoughts and perceptions, and even our relationships with people.

When two people meet to spend seasons together, as did Elijah and Elisha; the prophets, those people become attached. Sometimes, the individuals become best friends, members who seem closer than siblings, spouses, or partners. Regardless of time, those formed bonds become nearly impossible to sever - the type of attachments that helps people to enjoy life.

In any case, a good practice is to remember that all things and people belong to God. His plan for their lives prevail any attempt of a plan you have with the idea of any person. The truth is... there are times when our plans align with God's plan, and there are times when they don't. Who really knows the difference when we are seeking God with everything in us? Is there a difference? The answer is "Yes". 

You've partnered with your best friend and enjoyed your lives together in many ways; but there may be a time when God calls the person to Tokyo for an extended period of time, or home, while He called us to some other location. Of course, you see the dilemma. God is always good, and He knows best. Yes; He has a plan for your life despite your inability to want it at the current time.

Just like Elijah, and every prophet in Bethel and Jericho, Elisha knew that his best friend, who may have been his only friend, was called by God to be taken up to heaven in a whirlwind (see Daily Verse). Elisha wanted to be there every step of the way, even unto the moment of Elijah's ascension. When Elisha was asked to stay in each city prior to Elijah's ascension, his answer was "no, I'm going where you go until you're gone - and I know you have to go. I will not leave you (paraphrased). And that's often the case when we are faced with a similar decision with the people, or person, we love. Yes, its normal not to want to let go. 

Although, those times may become very difficult, it is God's time and plan that prevails. Thus, a good practice is to remember that we are all in God's hands. His plans are awesome compared to my 'smores over a campfire in the sky' experience.

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