God's Will Be Done

Posted by Corey Mills on Saturday, August 23, 2014 Under: For You
As we wake up to early starts: the birds are chirping, the wind is blowing, and the sun is shining down upon mankind, we think our plans into existence.  Throughout those plans, obstacles begin to interfere, and the interference of those obstacles alters our mood, at least for the rest of day.  Focus is the one thing that can help us see a brighter picture.  Focus helps us see what God is trying to say.  Now for the stubborn people who has it all figure out through science of the modern day, may feel that, "I am god, the creator. I do what I want; my will be done."  Well, is that why the coffee splash on you while you inadvertently sat in a seat full of ketchup, while on you way to an important business meeting? Sometimes, we want things to happen differently than they do, so we plan to do what we see needs to be done.  However, all of our plans are not coordinating with the plan that God has for us.  Therefore, our mood is altered from joy to anger- from happiness to sad and bitter reality- because our plans were altered by an undetected force.  "It's called Gravity", Stubborn said.  Stubborn heads will press the issue in anger. But God's will be done.  He done not stop you from trying to do what you want to do.  However, that doesn't mean that He's going to stop doing what He wants to do.  Sometimes, we just have to give up, take a breath(er), and pray that you do not interfere with the Father's plans.  Remember, God has a special purpose for each of our lives.  He wants us to present a verbatim sense of life and unity to every living soul through the love and life He has given you.  But to offer this gift, God's will is that we know Him-because we can't do it without Him allowing us to; we don't know how.
So, the next time you get up remember that You are God's property and allow His will to be done in your life.  A good place to start is with your very first idea.  Place Him in your heart.  May God Bless You.

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