Have You Prayed Yet?

Posted by Corey Mills on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 Under: For You
Have you ever thought about why we are, and become, lazy in a time we should be busy and prosperous?

A lot of times, we want to do something, but don't have the resources.  Other times, we have on our minds to attempt something, and sometimes do.  Yet, we are more overcome by waiting for something to happen rather than sincere dedication for completing the subject.

Have you prayed unto God yet?

Sometimes, it's the motive of the enemy to have you wait, and you become less productive, until you begin to lose the things you were blessed with.

But God wants you 'to be' aware of necessary things, including the 'tactics of the enemy'.

What God did not ordain will not come to pass, even in the most sincere try to overrule the will of God.  Therefore, any idea we may have, not respecting its logic, will not last.  We will be caught up, as a spider's house, waiting on something to happen; discarding every blessing we have because we are trying to overrule what God has not ordained.

Consider 2 Kings Chapters 6-7

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