How We Should Consider Women

Posted by Corey Mills on Monday, November 30, 2015 Under: Conversations about the Holy Word and People
Is it relevant to consider the ways of a woman? Our society is geared toward women's equality; they can vote like we are not in the 1860's, they can work like sitting still is not an option.  Somehow, they can connect the intelligence in a Android to the reason some guy didn't wash the dishes. All in all, women have this amazing ability to follow details better than ink on a page (sometimes).

Women are precious creatures! (No, not that green monster from the T.V.)  Women are complexly, amazing creations of God! They help produce life, they are brilliant counter-parts, they even argue about how you left a chip on the floor- FIVE YEARS AGO!,  (Just kidding, take it easy, Woman!) Each of them are also made in God's image.  Additionally, women have this compassion and a strong view of things that when they are persuaded, trying to turn them away is like trying to lift a 2 billion pound rock. Of course, they are not perfect but God sees them as well.

Women deal with lots of stressful things, because everything is always connected with them. For instance, if a woman likes a clean house, nothing will go right until the house is clean. Furthermore, her mind is always working.  Unlike the male; whom can take moments to think about nothing, the woman thinks every second of the day. I think sleep may be her favorite time of the day.

Getting to the point: God made women to be the way they are! He made them a great help unto civilization, which would not be without them. God use women just as much as He use men! So, when it comes to women, we should greatly appreciate them.  If they are honored by God, surely they should be honored by all of us. (That includes women honoring other women as well).

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