If You Can't Trust God, Trust His Works

Posted by Corey Mills on Saturday, November 28, 2015 Under: Conversations about the Holy Word and People
"There is no coincidence," Tory said, "that this man received his sight after twenty years of being blind!"  The professor says, "Well, there is a scientific explanation for that! The body regenerates what it needs to be 100% efficient..."  After hearing the professor's explanation, Tory says, "This is what happened: I was in prayer; consulting my God about what I should do and guidance on how I show solve my problems- as I was walking to the store. In my spirit, I heard... Professor laughs and says, "In Your Spirit! Bahahaha!" Tory requested that he listened and continued on, "I heard a voice in my spirit say go around this corner and you will see a blind man sitting. So I did, and there was a blind man sitting on the sidewalk with his back against the wall. I asked the Lord what shall I say to the man, and I felt like I was equipped to give the man what he needed. I walked over to the man, spoke and asked him if there is anything I could help him with. He smiled, and said, "My sight!" At this moment, I prayed with the man and asked him to stand as we prayed. I had no doubt that God sent me to him for whatever reason, but I prayed with the man and asked that the Lord give him sight. At the end of our prayer- at the exact moment we both said, "Amen"- the man opened his eyes from a bowed-down head and saw me standing in front of him. He began to praise the Lord like I've never seen and shouting, excitingly, that he could see! I thanked God for his miracle, for my obedience, and another saved soul!"

The professor said, "Well, there's a coincidence!" I just don't believe in the God that society teaches us exists. I think there is a supreme being somewhere out there, but not who society teaches us we should believe in. My thought is, "People don't actually matter; we just want to have a purpose and exist!"

  I.... Can't....Be...lieve.. uh...uh...uh.

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