Kingdom of God: The Spread

Posted by Corey Mills on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 Under: Daily Flow
The world has questions. We were born in it, so we have questions. Since birth, we have learned the many components of our lives stem from observation, experience and growth. This is not limited to one culture; this is a "people thing". What is general law, and how did it come about? How do we know that pain - to most of us - is unattractive? How do we know that happiness is a certain type of internal achievement? The answer will likely revolve lessons we have learned as we grew older. How did this become general knowledge? Because it spread to those who held these ideas as general truth.

Now, hoping you are not uncomfortable with the next question, I would like to ask this:

What is the Kingdom of God like? In a very basic sense, one of its qualities is just like the ideas held as general truths, above - to spread everywhere from the moment it is planted.

The verse chosen for today can come from one of two places: Luke 13:20-21 or Matthew 13:13 (they are the same). In them, Jesus stated that the kingdom of God is like leaven hidden inside meal to be fermented. What happens is the yeast spreads everywhere and the meal - being turned into dough - begins to rise. When it is baked, bread is the result. And this leads into a different chapter.

May God Bless You.

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