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Have you ever experienced someone asking you to do something that you don't want to do? What if the worst part of it is the fact that they are asking you to do what they don't want to do; not because they don't have the time to do it, but simply because they don't want to do it? 

This situation consists of two people who don't want to do something, a responsibility that doesn't belong to one of the persons, two stubborn individuals who won't budge in their decision to do it, and something that's not being done.

If we were to act out the scenario, we would find that anger, strife, bitterness, isolation, pride, and discomfort will be present.  All of these in one place are sure to attempt a promotion of dirty language. Getting back to it, we are definitely going to be infected with a strong dislike for a person's attitude; especially, for the person whom the responsibility doesn't belong. 

Is there anything wrong with silence?  At times, yes! Other times, no.  The fact that people can work together to achieve this goal of getting things done may not enter peoples minds during a bicker session.  

How would you handle the situation?

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