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Posted by Corey Mills on Sunday, August 18, 2013 Under: For You

The reason behind visions is to help you understand what is before you.  Visions provid warnings before destruction, and they give you knowledge and understanding of the past, present, and future.  They are given for you to relay information to and be concerned about other people whom God has given you to direct or inform of a thing or things to come.

Do Not Reject Them.  Do Not Put Them Off As Just Another Dream.  For We must understand that a dream is a vision, whether night or day, that gives us insight on what we would like to see come to pass, or things that God Will have come to pass.

You say Dejave; this is when you encounter a group of actions, sceneries, and feelings that have never happened; however, you have seen them in dreams.

Would you then demote a dream to a useless bunch of ideas as you sleep or walk throughout the day?

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