Lord, Help Me.

Posted by Corey Mills on Thursday, September 24, 2015 Under: For You
It's going to be alright!  Everything is going to be alright!  I understand that sometime mes these words I just don't cut it, and the failure at success weighs heavy on our hearts. The realization of our Lord's purpose can help us understand that we sometimes go through things so others don't have to. Please, we love you. Just give this a second thought. Even though you may feel that no one knows you, we will all miss you when you're gone. Simply put, we will all endure very similar pains. We love you, and we are here to help you. God, the Fathe,r knows your pains and your desires. Has He spoken that you cannot have these things. Follow me, and He will lead you in the right directions. Sometimes that causes for making uncomfortable decisions. But God is Good. "Follow me", says our Lord. Everything will be alright. 

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