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Posted by Corey Mills on Saturday, August 24, 2013 Under: Visions
On That Day, there was a cast in the midst of A dream.  A Dream of Reality was postponed, and a vision of a Future:
With God, All Things Are Possible; the Lamb is Made New.

In the heavens, there was a red sky.  Upon it were Seven Heads; all were crowned with a different crown; like none on earth.  Their hair was long, without strands, and wrapped around Their Left Side.

Seven Heads were still.  Their eyes were White, and Their faces were as Pure Gold. 

When I was done Identifying them, Their faces became active and Their heads began to look across the earth. 

Underneath Them was a gray cloud; it was as if the cloud held up Their Heads in the sky.

I began to look down slowly, and The Seven Heads, which were all beside each other with no space in between, began to slowly fade away. As the Seven faded away, the cloud that seemed to hold up Their Heads began rolling up. I realized at that moment that it was not a cloud, but smoke was rising in the red sky due to a fire on the ground.

This fire that I saw stretched as far as I could see; the fire stretch left to right and far in the back scenery. As I focused, I noticed that the fire was rushing in my direction at a high speed. Somehow, I was not afraid. I didn't know I was in a Vision.  I turned to the right, and I saw my mother facing the fire, standing still and silent. Behind her, I saw a one-story office building. Between the space of my mother and the office building, I saw a large amount of people running in every direction except the direction of the fire. Finally, my mother turned around and began to run quoting and crying, "I' m not ready. I'm not ready to leave, yet".   Because she began to run, I turned and saw my truck about 70 yards off.  I began contemplating, as I looked at the fire rushing, if I had enough time to get the truck because I could get her away faster. My last decision was to get it. I drove and search for my mother, whom was not present anymore, and found my brother. He saw my cousin, the on that's born on January 21, of the year before him. I drove over to pick him up as I tried to avoid running people over; the people who were running. He had an army uniform on. He placed some items in my truck, then decided to stay. I honored him, by shaking his hand, and looking eye to eye with him to let him know he would not be forgotten. I later drove and made it to a road where there was a gas station; a Shell gas station. I parked there, and told my brother to call my siblings. I wanted to know they were safe. Somehow, I knew that Mother was. I exited my vehicle and my brother drove off. I hoped that he made it to safety.

I looked to the left and saw two roads that joined. On the right road, I saw a man who was a part of a military; having a red patch on his sleeve with a symbol. He looked at me, and I asked him, "Which way do I go?" He said that I should respect and solute him. I stared.  He said it again, and pointed the way to safety. I ran into more of them who helped me find safety, discreetly, and  directed me away from all those who would harm me.

--The Winds shall be caught Up and Things Shall Come to Pass. Therefore, The Mysteries of God are discovered--

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