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Posted by Corey Mills on Thursday, November 30, 2017 Under: Visions
  1. I just saw the Earth destroyed internally.
  2. The ground caves in, Large holes everywhere. Houses and roads collapsing.
  3. Hills, decorations, people engulfed by lava from the ground that poured out everywhere, including the military. It came from Everywhere. The ground was soft. No one could escape.
  4. ...
  5. Before I was engulfed, God set me up in a place in the sky that held together by pillows; a few people were there. I was appaud to be caught up. I wondered what was going on. Shortly, we, the people who were caught up, were lowered down onto solid land. I brought a white steady bowl from the risen place. The others brought empty partly torn bags from snacks chips. After taking a few steps, like 3,
  6. A bus appeared. I thought it was for us.
  7. The light flashing on the side of the bus read: Go Help Dont Talk.
  8. On the bus I saw sick and wounded people.

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