No Leash?!

Posted by Corey Mills on Tuesday, January 6, 2015 Under: Personal Analysis (Group Posting Encouraged)
It is not strange to find ourselves engaging in sinful activities that we don't even want to do.  It is the way of the flesh.  How it normally goes is:
1) I don't want to, for example, have premarital sex with this handsome man or beautiful woman whom seems to be attractive(ed),
2) so let me convince myself, and do it.
3) Oops, I'm doing it, and I don't even want to; but, let me finish.  
4) I'm finished, "did you enjoy yourself.  
5) Let's do it again tomorrow.

I use this example because it is an instance of which most single adults struggle with.  Romans 7:14-17 can help explain more.  Here is a movie that could also be helpful. Watch Me

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In : Personal Analysis (Group Posting Encouraged) 


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