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It is easy to deter yourself from becoming a person whom God wants you to be.  All it takes is curiosity and a little bit of reason.  Sometimes, knowing God is better than not knowing Him.  Other times, it is the other way around.  When we are fresh believers, we hear and understand that God does what He says He will do.  After a while, we fall because we feel that God should cater to us the things that we think we deserve.  Some of us deserve a lot. God knows that.  In fact, it is the reason we fall away; we understand that we fall and guilt crouches and creeps in.  Other times, we puff up and pretend to be patient- All in all, God knows your heart. He love you with your frowns and your smiles. 

Believe Him the first time, once again, and see His Glory manifest in your life.

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