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Posted by Corey Mills on Friday, October 13, 2017 Under: Daily Flow
We were taught that we are kings and queens. Is this a truth? Certainly, many of the people on Earth could examine their lives and know they are valued, but experience no evidence of royalty. Bills, Government taxes, tariffs, and daily expenses seems to rule over us. Is it that the Earth is king over us? The rules, guidelines and laws issued seem to dictate the actions of civilization. It is ironic that men make the law we are subjected to. We bound ourselves from being men and women of full potential by these and other methods such as debt. Owe no one anything but love. Give it to them-Daily- because your God in heaven will reward you. Can you believe this?

Psalms 93 verse 1 of the Holy Bible is written that "The LORD reigns, and He is clothed with majesty; The LORD is clothed with strength; and no one gave it to Him. The world is also established, that it cannot be moved (raised up). 
This means that God is always above everything; men's law, guidelines, debt, weakness, confusion, fear, sickness, distrust and everything else. Nothing tops Him. As we live in Him (abiding in the ways of God and always thinking about His will), we begin to see- as we act- a change in our lives that declares "if we abide in His will, we become who we thought we were not, in the beginning."  

Love God. See His Strength. Live in His Majesty.

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