Stressful Times

Posted by Corey Mills on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 Under: Health
Is it a bad thing to experience stress that is stimulated from good situations?  What seems to be the problem with stress being caused by what may be considered the best idea for your life (relative)? How do I feel about being stressed, when it is a mixture of good and bad situations (relative) that entice the matter?

Stress causes a lot of problems; even more problems that what caused stress in the first place. Is stress a bad thing? Let's reason; your decision will be made base upon your answers.

Stress hinders most people from being productive based upon how devastating our circumstances may be. In the fast-paced workforce, stress can hinder your speed. In a deterministic manner, stress can help produce maximum energy. Consistent stress decreases the top-notch function of the body, and it lowers the effectiveness of the immune system.  While stressed, your body is more apt to catch viruses and bacteria that helps the body become less productive. Our minds' become fully aware of what concerns us the most.

During this time of stress, we have our minds on these topics: Health, What others think, What needs to be done, and Safety. If you are not feeling well, you don't want to work. If you work while you're not feeling well, you worry about what your boss may think; and if he or she will let you go home. How you're going to pay your bills if you're not working, and (if it reaches this point) how or will I be my next decision be a safe one. Example: "If I'm so sick that I know I can't drive more than five minutes without being overcome by the drastic effects of stress and sickness as a combination; which could be loss of a lot of energy, fainting, and even dying. Yes, it's true that your body could ultimately shut down due to stress.

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