Stumble Lingers (Part One)

Posted by Corey Mills on Sunday, November 8, 2015 Under: Daily Flow
As given, the testimony of God has lured in many men to become believers; and believers of His Holy Son. Each of us believers have more than substantial evidence and reason to believe that God does significantly more than exists. He lives in us!  As you may have read in our Daily Verse, there are people who still try to discredit God on a daily basis. Not only that, but even after knowing through actual history that Jesus, Son of Joseph, did actually exist-- and many of his actions are recorded-- they even try to discredit the fact that He is the Son of God.  Do they really have grounds to deny or accept that Jesus actually is the Son of God? I believe every man has a reason to question if its true!  We go through life on a daily basis, and we have never heard of someone other than Jesus, three days after His death, being raised from the dead without the help of another person.

Here is a reason for question: there are troubles and terrible things happening in this world. Why does Jesus allow that to exist, if He is so loving?  Our Holy Father grants us freewill to do whatever we desire.  His want is for us to follow Him back into a place where troubles and terrible things do not take place.  Because we are so adamant to believe-- especially, on first instance-- he offers grace to sustain us as He reaches out to us.  His mercy keeps us from immediate punishment; this is because He wants every person to have that opportunity to be free from sin-- to live in paradise. He knows which ones won't accept the calling and will die believing He doesn't exist.  But everyone will see...   

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