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Posted by Corey Mills on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Under: Daily Flow
Imagine being hungry for days; having the money to purchase a meal at an insanely high price, but the is no food around. Imagine finding about one man who lives one mile away being the only man who has food.  He grows all the fruit you've ever known and more; a man who never goes hungry.
Imagine picking up a 20lb. sack full of money, and carrying it the full distance to the man's location to purchase the small amount you may have expected him to offer.
Your shoulders are worn from carrying the bag, your legs are giving out, your back is weak, your fingers feel crumbled with a type of arthritis and you are extremely low on energy.
You make it to the man's residence, and see the man in his yard tending his gardens. At this moment, you yell with one of the last strong breaths you can take, and the man comes rushing to your rescue.
He picks up you and your bag and carries you to the shade underneath his trees; where you finally experience a cool breeze.
The man asks what can he assist you with, and you anxiously declare, "To Purchase...Food"
Then the man hands you freshly cut watermelon, grapes, kiwis, strawberries and bananas, which all seem to be chilled below 50 degrees.
Right before handing you the strawberries, the man tells you, "All the food is free. It is always free. Freely, God has given this fruit; freely, shall I give it."

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