The Little Things

Posted by Corey Mills on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Under: Daily Flow
Life is filled with mysteries. New information unfolds at each person as God continues to allow us to take our very next breaths.  At times, we take that for granted.  The real task at hand is making it into the Kingdom; that is, living a pure, holy life after the Spirit of God, that we may receive our gift. We know what is true, but decide to convince ourselves that truth doesn't exist.  We know what is wrong, because God allowed us the spirit of conviction. Whatever we may do, righteously or something else, we have ideas that we are building up areas that will strengthen as we continue.  What about telling teeny white truths; so small that all the beneficial information is omitted?  What about borrowing something nobody knows you took, but you have no intentions on replacing it?  What about using somebody else's line to get that nice looking honey you've been looking at? (mmhmm...Just kidding!)  Something so small still counts the same as something big like murder or jealousy.  The scripture for today tells us that God sees and considers all things.  So, forgive me, Ed, if I offended you for calling your head, Small. I only meant to tell the truth. (Just messing with you).  We must live a life that is pleasing to God, if we want to live with Him.  God loves you. 

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