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Posted by Corey Mills on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 Under: Daily Flow
... Or is it tomorrow.  The Lord said that no man knows the day nor the hour that the Son of man shall return, again.  However, we've had people say it would be in December of 2012, in April of 2013, even in September 2015. Maybe, their lord wasn't the One we believe in.  In other words, what good is it to judge and condemn someone when our task is to love.  Chapter five of the book of Matthew says a lot. It gives us intelligence on how to live our lives.  The rest is that we should believe in our heart and confess with your mouth that the Lord Jesus was raised from the dead, and now is your Lord and Saviour. Jesus loves you, this I know!  For the bible tells me so-oh! (It's sounds really good when you hum it.).

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