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Trials. We call them tests. If they are, then, aren't we meant to pass tests? God gave us life, we disobeyed, then he gave us consequences. But Trials. We call them tests. As the children of Israel turned their noses up at God, He never left them; He always answered their prayers. Yet, we blame Him. Trials. Aren't trials what made us fall from perfection; in the garden when Man decided to do what God said not to do. I mean, it was a Free trial. How many of us don't like free? Trials. God gave us hope when didn't ask for it. He sent Jesus. We didn't want Him when He came. Trials. We call them tests. Did you realize that God was here when you didn't want Him. Didn't He bless you? (even when you were in the middle of sinning). Test?! Are you kidding me?! We try the patience of God, when He said He's already angry. Wow! Trials. We call them tests. God brought you out of what you are going through in a moment where you could do nothing about it. And now we have said, " We have what is sufficient to do what God said He will do.? Is this a test?! Are you joking? Believe it or not. God does not want you to be tied down in debt, situations you can't get out of, hurt, confusion, nor stubborn ways. God is still here; He provided the ten commandments so that we know that we will never be able to succeed. It is by His grace alone that we are saved. We have to remember that. ;-) God bless You. Amen!

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