Trust God

Posted by Corey Mills on Thursday, November 19, 2015 Under: Daily Flow
In our walk of faith in the Lord, there are times where our vision or mind may become clouded as to what we should do. This normally happens when we have our desires and want God's desires at the same time. In a moment of trusting in God's order, we may find that God is leading us in a direction where we become more dependent upon Him and not ourselves. What I mean by this is that our desires could have awesome motives and could be for the Lord. In your forward efforts, it is better to always pray than to pursue your ambitions with all eagerness. Waiting on the Lord is always a great choice.  You already know what He has called you to do.  So, in the face of opposition, it is still better to pray and be humble; being meek and showing all mercy to all of God's children as we walk in the faith of our Lord.

God is amazing! Even in our distress, he is present with a helping hand. Let the Lord's will be done.

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