Walking With Pride

Posted by Corey Mills on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 Under: Daily Flow
Always be humble, and serve God the best we can. He will always make a way for our needs to be taken care of. Work diligently toward goals, while honoring God, and He will bless you with increase.

Some of us take pride in our work and don't glorify God, whom gives us work. This is one way to fail, because all that is done in righteousness (unto God) will last.

Pride causes men to stumble and to reject counsel, but anyone who rejects counsel is right in his own eyes.

Pride is one abstract characteristic often overlooked by uninformed individuals. There is a difference in the meaning of uninformed from the regular meaning, in this particular context:

  • Uninformed Individuals (in this context) are people who do not consider the possibility of things unseen contributing to major decisions in life.
  • (Regular) Uninformed Individuals (in this context) are people who are uninformed of procedures, processes, and knowledge to acquire physical goals.

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