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God Creates individuals to be who He needs them to be.  Their Character; values and motives, help determine their actions. However, God's ultimate choice may not be executed if individuals don't acknowledge and seek HIM for the direction HE wants to lead His people.

Can I lead a "People" with my personality?

Yes. Whether or not our personality is studious, professional, lazy illogical, common or different, we lead people to believe some form of an idea of our character is a blessing or curse; either a good or bad example to follow.  Therefore, we inherit followers and foes alike.

(But who really knows what good and bad is?)

Good and bad is an asset of morality, which is greater than man.  Morality is the idea, in every human, of righteousness through motives, through actions, through logic, though decisions and making decisions.

Is morality relative?  Is morality different, based upon culture and personal situation?  Do we still exercise morality the same way?

Morality is what the heart says is pure, which comes from God, and established in every human kind.  What man does not have a heart?  What man does not believe a good and bad?  Is, therefore, there a mind to help you understand what right and wrong is?

There is reason, in which we have simple answers for which we provide complex questions to reason through multiple simple answers to conclude in such pure decisions based on our experience, logic, motives, questions, actions, and our worldview.

What is worldview?

Worldview is what you have found to be truth through hypothesis and testing, through experience and wisdom, through logic and doctrine, and by faith and existence.  Each person holds his or her personal worldview, which is not constant but variable, in that each man and woman's worldview is influenced by someone's thoughts, beliefs, and systems bu which we have come to believe.

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