Think You've Got Jokes!? Lay'em on us!

Your face is so thin you can shave butter with it. 

Your hair is so curly; even water gets tangled up.

Your eye is so strange; they thought you were a zombie.

Pillow... was the word you said when they asked you to say, "Below".  Your head is so squished together that when you spit... it sounds like a lawn mower.

Your jawbone is so sharp...they asked you to rub your face and you ran for your life.

(I forgot to pray for you this morning)... Lord, forgive him... for his head is too small, Amen.  (Not Really)... Big, that is...

Your head is so small; even a pistachio went nuts.

I was walking down the street, and there it was... some body with no head (strolling along).

A man was doing the moonwalk one day. Everybody was cheering, "____, ____, _____". I couldn't find the brother; so, I asked, "where"?

Your head is so packed together, a CD said "Outrageous".

Your mouth is so tiny that you have to eat laser beans.

Your head is so obtuse that you were jealous of a cute... baby.

You started scratching your head. The guy behind you went crazy.... all he saw was fingers.

Your head is so small... they asked you to say a sentence and you hit a beat.

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