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To lead God's people to His Kingdom. To love everyone.  To become more like Christ, and have a flawless victory over sin.  To worship God in spirit and in truth.  To enable every soul the Word of God.


InhaleTheWord has a series of updates being implemented across the entire site! See what's new!

We are updating site's favicon, logo, daily flow, and daily verse pages. 11/9/2015

We are currently implementing affiliates merchandise on our store page. View our current selections here. 11/8/2015

We've implemented a seamless music player across all webpages. Music is provided by See-M Records: Redemption by Corey Mills 11/3/2015

Thank You for visiting InhaleTheWord.com.  

Our purpose is to glorify God. We want to stay connected to you, your friends, families, and ours. With your support, we (you and I) could expand our parameters and knock off limitations; at times, a prayer will do. If you need us, we are your friends; we're just a message away. Daily Verse and Daily Flow pages are updated regularly. Stop by, and see what's new!

Thank you for who you have been in the lives of others. Our Father has called us into his kingdom to be with Him, and my prayer is that we will do just that. Love God.  

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